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Rapidly upskilling the next generation of Fermentation Technicians!

RapidFermTech is a rapid upskilling program specifically designed to address the shortage of Fermentation Technicians in Nova Scotia’s bioeconomy. This 8-week program delivers a curriculum developed in collaboration with industry, with online and hands-on training from experts in the field.

Following the cohort’s completion, participants will be ready to contribute to the design, engineering, troubleshooting and scale-up of industrial fermentation processes.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • 40 hours of online training modules and participant support;
  • Two weeks of hands-on training with small-scale (3L-40L) fermentation equipment at INNOV in Grand Falls, NB, with travel support;
  • Four weeks of hands-on training with larger-scale (100L-1,000L) fermentation equipment at the Verschuren Centre in Sydney, NS;
  • Support for recruiting and screening potential new hires.

The upcoming April 2024 cohort will be comprised of 12 participants.

Employers can enroll existing employees, provided they are being upskilled into a new position. Employers may also choose to screen, select and enroll trainees who would be new hires from a pool of applicants provided by the program. All trainees must meet certain work experience criteria to be eligible.

Participant Tuition

*Funding may be available.

Applicants will be reviewed by employers who are in need of Fermentation Technicians, and are interested in hiring graduates. This training program is being delivered in partnership with INNOV, in Grand Falls, NB, and the Verschuren Centre, in Sydney, NS.

The program begins in April 2024 with 40 hours of guided online content, after which students will receive two weeks (10 days) of hands-on training at INNOV in Grand Falls, NB and four weeks (20 days) of hands-on training at the Verschuren Centre in Sydney, NS. The hands-on training will use industry-relevant fermentation equipment.

Support for travel costs is available for the INNOV portion of hands-on training. 

Fermentation technicians work as part of a team, supporting fermentation process development, optimization and scale-up, and product recovery and characterization. They work to develop new products aimed at commercial markets in sustainable biomanufacturing. Additionally, Fermentation Technicians help maintain the equipment and utilities to uphold high levels of safety and efficiency within their facilities.

Duties include: 

  • Production planning;
  • Fermenter operation;
  • Equipment maintenance, repair and cleaning;
  • Support production scale-up planning;
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Candidates for training come from a wide range of educational and experience backgrounds and are interested in a new career in fermentation.

For example, desired qualifications may include:

  • College diploma or undergraduate degree in STEM fields, particularly bioprocessing, biochemistry or biology, as well as brewing, distilling or related fields;
  • Those with transferable skills from other sectors such as brewing, laboratory technicians, power engineers or oil and gas;
  • Experience working with equipment such as pumps, valves, steam systems and so forth;
  • Knowledgeable in process operations;
  • A history of being able to problem-solve and make improvements/optimizations;
  • Great mechanical aptitude, able to support maintenance in an industrial or related environment;
  • Highly detailed and focused, enjoys working on a small team with shared and varied responsibilities.

To apply to RapidFermTech, please apply through the link in this post directing you to TalentSorter, where you will submit your resume and cover letter and complete all questionnaires. Applicants will be contacted if selected for an interview and further screening. 

If selected to enroll, there is a tuition fee of $500* to participate. 

*Funding may be available.

For program details or questions, please contact
Ryan Duff, Program Manager
Greenspring Bioinnovation Hub